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Herman Miller has different office systems for different office needs. Among the versatile systems is the Vivo Interiors Office Systems. The system was developed with designer, Douglas Ball and it is a smart system that has the capability of meeting the needs of offices that want just the basics. Though this system works well for offices that don’t have clients and customers, it looks good enough for offices that do have clients and customers in the office for businesses that need office furniture at a good value. The Vivo Interiors Office System has the following features:

  • Highly functional
  • Visually appealing
  • Good value
  • Refined textures
  • Crisp, clean look
  • Durable

This system is a good choice for an office that needs an efficient system that will inspire productivity at an affordable price.

Modular and cubical office furniture offers flexibility to be able to change, as the business needs change. The Vivo Interiors Office System by Herman Miller can be used to furnish a variety of workspaces and offices. The attention to details gives a fresh look to an office.


The Vivo Interiors Office System has a reflective bead that can be ordered in a choice of four colors, which goes between the tiles. This adds to the décor of the workspace. The edges are straight and well defined. The panels have outstanding alignment and fit when interlocked. The walls are three inches thick, are stackable, and come in heights that vary from 35-79 inches. The universal connecter that can be reused makes reconfiguration easier and reduces inventory needs. The variety of tiles allows for different design and décor choices.


The material and finishes offer a number of options to match the décor and architecture of space that the furniture will go in. Other options available include the following:

  • Color (warm to cool) (light to dark)
  • Material (glass, laminate, veneer, textile)
  • Finishes (light to dark)
  • Painted
  • Accent colors


The workspaces can be set in traditional cubicle configurations with the corner being in the focal point for focused work, face to face for collaboration, or outward facing for interaction with Vivo Interiors. Overhead sliding door storage is available. The system is also compatible other Herman Miller system pieces to add more storage options. By choosing matching or compatible finishes, a professional look can be created.


The Vivo Interiors System allows for routing and access with an 8-wire, 4-circuit distribution center. The wires and cables can also be routed along the top or the bottom of the frames.

To find out more how the Vivo Interiors Office System or other Herman Miller office systems can efficiently furnish your office, contact the experienced experts at Corporate Design Choice.

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